A necklace can highlight and add beauty to any d├ęcolletage. Simple necklaces are perfect for everyday wear, while something a little fancier is the perfect complement to a stunning outfit. Roma Jewellers has a magnificent range of necklaces for your special someone or even to treat yourself to!


  • Diamond Curve Pendant
  • Diamond Necklace
  • Diamond Solitaire Pendant
  • Ekipa & Coloured Gemstone Pendant
  • Epika Necklace
  • Geometric Pendant
  • Peridot Coloured Stones Necklace
  • Peridot Pendant Necklace
  • Peridot Tanzanite Pendant Necklace
  • Ruby Diamond Pendant Necklace
  • Silver & Multi-Coloured Gemstone Necklace
  • Tanzanite Necklace
  • Tsavorite Diamond Pendant Necklace