Diamonds are the hardest, most pure substance and arguably the most beautiful gemstone known to man. Diamonds were believed to have been found in India 3000 years ago and were worn as adornments for their reflective qualities. Thought to represent purity originally, Diamonds now represent true love that lasts forever making them the most sought after gemstone for engagement rings. When perfectly and precisely cut, diamonds reflect light back in a unique sparkling manner and it is this dazzle attract people to the gorgeous stone.

A Diamond’s suitability is determined by the 4 C’s – Cut, Colour, Clarity and Carat

  • Cut

    This refers to the way the faces of the diamond are cut to be geometrically in proportion to one another. The more precise and intricate the cut, the more brilliantly the diamond will shine.

  • Colour

    The more colourless a diamond, the greater its value due to its rarity. Most diamonds contain small increments of colours containing slight traces of yellow, brown or grey. In rare cases they can occur on pink, blue, green and red. These fancy colours increases the value of these diamonds.

  • Clarity

    Almost all diamonds contain small imperfections. A “flawless” diamond contains no imperfections when under 10 times magnification. The less flawed a diamond the higher its rarity and the greater its value.

  • Carat

    A "carat" is a measurement of a diamond’s weight. While a larger diamond is worth more than a smaller one containing the same qualities, size is almost meaningless unless one considers cut, clarity and colour. If containing similar properties large stones are more valuable as they are rarer than small diamonds.