Gold is one of the most popular and one of the oldest precious metals since the beginning of recorded time due to its colour and durability. Adored since the days of the Ancient Egyptians gold is still one of the most loved metals used in jewellery creation.

Pure gold (24 carats) is too soft for creating jewellery and is hardened using certain alloys. The more alloys the less pure the gold and this is where the carat differentiation comes in. The higher the carat the more valuable the gold due to the higher percentage of gold.

  • 18 carat = 75% Gold
  • 14 carat = 58% Gold
  • 9 carat = 37% Gold

With jewellery creation Gold can also be found in a variety of colours depending on the alloys used. Gold is available in in yellow, white and rose colours. Roma Jewellers treat white gold with Rhodium to ensure that it stays whiter for longer.