Post Sale Services

Since 1983 Roma Jewellers has created jewellery that has been passed on from generation to generation. Over time, jewellery can take a few knocks, be exposed to the elements and experience a lot of wear and tear. Your beloved jewellery which often holds much sentimental value deserves expert care and attention. Roma Jewellers, with our range of post-sale services, is dedicated to helping you preserve and maintain your precious jewellery for years to come. Below are the services we offer:


Restore that sparkle to your jewellery as we remove superficial scratches and dull blemishes. Our Roma specialist will examine your jewellery, gently clean it – especially less accessible sections, apply ultrasonic treatment to clean the piece (except for jewellery that is too delicate). If more scratches are revealed in this process then polishing will be required.


Bring back the original shine of your piece of jewellery by allowing a Roma specialist to professional polish out all scratches and blemishes using specialised abrasive pastes, ultrasonic treatment and gentle cleaning techniques. Leaving your item looking as good as the day you bought it!


Let a Roma Specialist delicately enlarge or decrease the size of your bracelet, ring or necklace to fit you perfectly. We will measure you and adjust your jewellery accordingly so that your item fits you perfectly. You deserve beautiful jewellery tailor made to fit and suit you!


Over time jewellery can become extremely damaged and tarnished. Roma Jewellers can recondition jewellery and restore its original beauty and appearance. This process includes soldering, reshaping, polishing, ultrasonic treatment and gentle cleaning.


When it is not possible to adjust a piece of jewellery to the desired size or to repair it; or even if your jewellery was lost or stolen we can reproduce an exact replica of what you are looking for. The reproduction process includes soldering and reassembly, resetting stones, polishing, cleaning, ultrasonic treatment and rhodium plating to reinforce white gold brilliance.


If you have a Roma Jewellers creation or one from another manufacturer we can discuss remodelling it into something new to suit your specific needs and tastes.

Other services Roma Jewellers offers:

Valuation or Insurance Quotation

We supply valuation certificates with our jewellery to certify their contents and value. We can also make valuations on any other jewellery that you may have. Should you lose your jewellery or should it be stolen we can do an insurance quotation for you.

Bespoke Designs

At Roma Jewellers we can design and create unique jewellery to your specific requirements and tastes.

Gem Specialist

At Roma Jewellers we are specialists in all gemstones. Speak to a skilled consultant and let us help you with any colour gemstone your heart desires.

Rhodium Plating

We can plate all white gold with rhodium to help maintain its stunning silver appearance and lustre.